For starters

The last time I kept a diary, of any sort, it was 1962, and I was 9. In it, I record that ‘East Germany has blown up’. This is the sort of cold war fantasy childhood I had.

What I will do in this blog is to write about all or any of

          * creative writing

          * music

         * family history

         * politics

        * stuff (i.e. other…)

Paul Newman died. The obituary columns are starting to fill with my childhood, with figures I grew up with. Oddly, my strongest image of him is of his falling forward, in a highly stylised and balletic way, at the end of ‘The Left-Handed Gun’, an odd biopic of Billy The Kid – who was right-handed. An early print of Billy was reversed: hence the myth.

Myth obsesses me: creating it, uncreating it.

Proof of Newman’s originality: no-one ever made money out of imitating his voice or his movement. The mimics left him alone.

Is that something to be going on with?


One Response to For starters

  1. Bel says:

    Me too. Syd Barrett, Rick Wright, Joey Ramone… Nice new blog, Bill. (Ain’t WordPress handy.)
    Hope all is well etc. Best. SB

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