Nick Griffin and Question Time

Well, I did watch it, although I hate the Question Time format, and the slightly unctuous David Dimbleby approach to audience participation. Give me Kilroy! (Only joking.)

Nick Griffin, so the panel insisted, was ‘exposed’. He was certainly jeered (I would have jeered him), but I am not convinced his supporters, who are sufficient to have garnered the BNP two members of the European parliament, will have been unimpressed. The BNP will probably rise in the polls. Enoch Powell was mentioned, and it is worth remembering that, despite his expulsion from the shadow cabinet, he continued to be elected, first as a Conservative, and later as a member of the UUP in Northern Ireland, on hefty majorities (he was asked to leave the Tory Party because he suggested that people vote Labour rather than Conservative, not because of his racist views). There will always be Nick Griffins on the margin. It’s a waste of enrgy thinking about him too much, though: he should just be allowed to say what he thinks, and prosecuted if he breaks the law.

What I think would be really good would be if there was an edition of the genealogical programme Who Do You Think You Are?, in which Griffin was found to have a variety of strains in his ancestry (and it would be odd if he didn’t). He talked about the English, Irish, Scots and Welsh have lived here for 17000 years, since ‘time immemorial’, in fact. His education is a bit lacking.

But still. perhaps the Daily Mail will run some history lesssons about the way we are essentially of European stock, and that many of us should be repatriated to Norway, Denmark, Germany and France.

Mr. Griffin is dangerous. But his organisation at least allows us to see where the dangerous people live, and to hear them confess their prejudices in public. That is, I think, quite useful.


One Response to Nick Griffin and Question Time

  1. Madam Miaow says:

    Yes, I too want Griffin and the other Orcs to have mitochondrial genetic testing to ascertain exactly what they do have running in their veins.

    A few years back Andrew Graham Dixon presented a wonderful programme, 100 Percent English (C4), where a variety of Brits, including a smattering of actual racists, were tested. The results were hilarious. The geezer who reckoned you had to be here eight generations in order to be fully British turned out to be a total mix. He laughed good-heartedly, though, and said, “That’s me out, then”. But the brittle woman who thought everything had gone to the dogs after 1066 wasn’t so sanguine about being told she had lots of Indus and Asiatic genetics in her make up. She ended up trying to sue the programme makers!

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