If Nick Clegg and Chris Huhne are clever, they should engineer a government which brings Alastair Darling into office (is there a more Attlee-like figure?) as Prime Minister, brings in Caroline Lucas as the Environment minister, promotes Sarah Teather to the post of Housing minister, and offers a cabinet post to at least one or two left-leaning Conservatives (Douglas Carswell? – although he has a poor record on gay rights). Perhaps, too, for the first time, the Northern Ireland office could be run by someone from Northern Ireland (Sylvia Hermon?).

The thought that Hague, Letwin and Osborne and Pickles could have their grins erased is an exciting thought. There would be a Gottercamerung for Dave, too.

Since the LibDems will be damned whatever they do, let them do it. They have nothing to lose that they’re not already going to lose. And there is a chance that they will cause the Conservative party to implode.

Fingers crossed.


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