New book!

Have a look here for details of my just-published book, ‘Rock Lodge and Peareth – two Sunderland houses and everyone who ever lived there’.

RL & P full jpeg

It’s a history of Sunderland, as seen through the prism of the occupants of these houses between 1790 and 1970 – twenty biographies, 185000 words, 420 pages, including never-before-published photographs.

One Response to New book!

  1. Clare Harvey says:

    That’s brilliant, I remember you were just starting work on this when we met up a few years ago in Darlington. Will have to check it out.Have a fab summer,Clare x

    Clare Harvey Twitter:@ClareHarveyauth Facebook:ClareHarvey13Instagram: ClareHarvey13http://clareharvey.netTwo women, two timelines, one shared history:  The ESCAPE, Clare Harvey’s new compelling wartime drama —out now in paperback, ebook and audio from Simon & Schuster.

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