Elegy for Paul the Octopus

November 26, 2010

Nearly won a competition with this, but it was proxime accessit, so a shame to waste … the subject is the octopus who allegedly picked the winners in the World Cup Final matches

Did you, Paul, predict each ball,

To pick each winning nation?

Or tensing tentacles, was all

Your skill prestidigitation?

No matter if it was a sly trick:

We still salute you as a psychic.


Among the mystics, Paul, your star is

As high and bright as Sirius:

Uncommon octopus vulgaris,

You left us half-delirious.

Rune-reading: there is nothing scarier,

Lost titan of the world’s aquaria.


And yes, dear modest cephalopod,

Though you could have scooped the pools,

We mourn you as a demigod

As you leave us, grieving fools.